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Communications / DALLAS, Texas, Mar 08, 2018


Leading research and analyst firm Gartner, Inc. named * a Leader in its report, “2018 Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global,” for the 14 consecutive time.

Gartner states that “IT and Operations (IO) leaders must evaluate new network services from global providers, including SD-WAN, SIP trunking and NFV.”

We feel that we’re in a unique category as our intelligent network platform brings everything together for our business customers – edge-to-edge, from end points to connectivity to the cloud. And it’s all wrapped in security.

“In our view, this recognition underscores the significance of our edge-to-edge technologies, and the value we can bring to businesses of any size, and in any industry,” said Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer, ATT Business.

“Enterprise networks are only getting more sophisticated. It’s all about giving customers more choices. Businesses want to customize their networks as their needs evolve and technology changes. We’re honored to be recognized. We believe it’s a testament to for our ability to help our customers transform and drive their businesses forward,” said Pacewicz.

In this Magic Quadrant, Gartner evaluated global enterprise network service providers’ ability to execute and completeness of vision. The report states, “Providers of global enterprise network services are responding to clients' transformational requirements to support agile, digital business underpinned by migration to IaaS and SaaS.”

The report provides a framework and a graphical view of the relative positions of a specific market’s competitors. It evaluated the breadth of each company’s completeness of vision and how well that technology provider is executing their stated vision.

According to the report, “Providers in the Leaders quadrant are performing well today and maintain a stable organization with a clear vision of market direction. They deliver comprehensive portfolios of network services, across broad geographies, with good service quality. They address the global networking needs of a broad range of enterprises in terms of size, geographic distribution and vertical industry. Leaders shape the direction of the market by extending their coverage, developing new class-leading capabilities and new commercial models, and deploying these at scale.”

This is why we believe being a Leader positioned in the upper right quadrant is so rewarding for ATT.

As we continue to transform our network from hardware to software, we’re helping businesses do the same through delivering edge-to-edge technologies. Our portfolio helps businesses meet future needs and give customers more flexibility and control of their networking services.

To read a complimentary copy of the entire Gartner report, click .

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Gartner, “Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global” Danellie Young et al, 27 February 2018.


ATT Inc. ( Official Site For Sale Discount Store wide leg trousers Black Yohji Yamamoto Best Seller Online Free Shipping Choice Buy Cheap 100% Guaranteed 4rHWVDml
) helps millions around the globe connect with leading entertainment, business, mobile and high speed internet services. We have the nation’s largest and most reliable network** and the best global coverage of any U.S. wireless provider. We’re one of the world’s largest providers of pay TV. We have TV customers in the U.S. and 11 Latin American countries. More than 3 million companies, from small to large businesses around the globe, turn to ATT for our highly secure smart solutions.

ATT products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of ATT Inc. under the ATT brand and not by ATT Inc. Additional information about ATT products and services is available at Wrapeffect Mulberry Silksatin Midi Dress Metallic Dion Lee Footlocker Pictures Cheap Online Free Shipping Wholesale Price 2018 Cool Cheap And Nice 6Yy3I7FwX
. Follow our news on Twitter at @ATT, on Facebook at Discount Fake Free Shipping Limited Edition Merril boots Black Jimmy Choo London kpHgqOW
and on YouTube at .

© 2018 ATT Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. ATT, the Globe logo and other marks are trademarks and service marks of ATT Intellectual Property and/or ATT affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

**Coverage not avail. everywhere. Based on overall coverage in U.S. licensed/roaming areas. Reliability based on voice and data performance from independent 3 party data.

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( XVIII 556–560)
And there in the midst the king, in silence, scepter in hand at the head of the reaping-rows, stood, rejoicing in his heart. And off to the side, beneath an oak, the heralds were setting out the feast, they were dressing a great ox they had slaughtered , while women poured out white barley, generous, for the reaper’s midday meal.
( XXIV 123–125)
[Thetis] found him groaning hard. Around him trusted comrades busily swung to the work, preparing breakfast, for them a large fleecy sheep lay slaughtered in the shelter.
The individual context of ἱερεύειν is important for the poem’s characterization of Agamemnon and of his the quarrel with Akhilleus. Its meanings can range from “sacrifice animals to the gods as a gesture of power” to “kill animals to eat them without pre-kill rites as an expression of deviance from expected behavior,” [ striped bikini bottom Blue Circus Hotel Free Shipping Fast Delivery Sale Finishline Genuine Cheap Online JfB5b7m2GB
but it is through the recollection of other scenes in the poem that ἱερεύειν generates audience expectations of animal sacrifice, expectations to be either fulfilled or frustrated according to the thematic needs of the context. When the expectation of sacrifice is introduced, if the verb is used without reference to the gods or other sacrificial details, the audience notices the of sacrifice to the gods. This destabilization of audience expectation heightens the significance of the descriptions of Akhilleus’ shield and his uneaten breakfast as divergent from Agamemnon’s animal sacrifices.
σφάζειν has a similar range of applications. This verb is also attested in Linear B: ( ), occurring on tablets from Knossos. [ 185 ] The and Cunliffe’s define σφάζειν as ‘slaughter’ in Homer, but it becomes ‘sacrifice’ in later authors, for example Pindar and Xenophon, and in tragedy. In tragic poetry, but not in Homer, σφάζειν can be applied to the killing of people. [ 186 ] In the Classical period, it is even possible to broadly categorize different types of sacrifice according to the use of this verb: sacrifices are followed by a feast on the basis of the frequent use of the verb θύειν, and sacrifices are uneaten on the basis of the use of the verb σφάζειν, which refers only to the kill and need not be followed by sacrifice. Thus Casabona believes that σφάζειν, with a few exceptions, represents an uneaten sacrifice, as seems to be its meaning in the Classical period. [ 187 ] As opposed to the happy contexts for feasting provided by most sacrifices, sacrifices are performed in the Classical period at the taking of oaths, in purification rites, and before battle for divination purposes. [ Trousers Aantioco anthracite Doppiaa Free Shipping Fashionable 84hWVW6dkx
ἔσφαζον θαλέθοντες ἀλοιφῇ εὑόμενοι τανύοντο διὰ φλογὸς Ἡφαίστοιο
( IX 465–469)
Holding me in the house, begging me to stay, they butchered plenty of fat sheep, and shambling crook-horned cattle, droves of pigs, succulent, rich with fat— they singed the bristles, splaying them out across Hephaistos’ fire , then a great amount of wine was poured from the old man’s jars.
This description is part of Phoinix’s autobiographical story of betrayal and withdrawal: he was persuaded to sleep with his father’s concubine by his jealous mother, and after ‘one of the immortals’ stops him from killing his father, he decides to leave home ( IX 444–463). There are numerous striking parallels between Phoinix’s experience and Akhilleus’ own wrath and withdrawal, but the object of his speech is to persuade the young hero to heed his advice not to abandon the Akhaian army. [ 189 ] The description of Phoinix’s friends and relatives beseeching him and killing numerous animals is not meant to imply sacrifice, since there are no references to divinities or pre-kill rites. Therefore, it belongs to a different end of the spectrum of meaning implied by ἔσφαζον than the commensal feasts arranged by Agamemnon. Phoinix’s apparent lack of participation in this feast may anticipate Akhilleus’ thematic opposition to sacrifice, which will become so important in the latter half of the poem. He goes on to describe the power of sacrifice in his paradigm of the and in Oineus’ neglected sacrifices to Artemis, to which we will return below. Phoinix presents a range of eating and sacrificial activities, all anecdotes about the anger of gods: Artemis is angry about neglected sacrifices; the anger of the gods can generally be appeased by sacrifices. His speech is, of course, unsuccessful, and Akhilleus remains withdrawn.
“ἀλλ’ ἄγε δὴ καὶ νῶι μεδώμεθα, δῖε γεραιέ,
By Dan Ariely and Outlet 2018 Cost Cheap Price Womens Sakata Aldridge Bikini Top Banana Moon Free Shipping Pictures For Nice Cheap Online OcX8Utk5
February 20, 2018

Image: Daniel von Appen/Unsplash

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People Science

Dollars and Sense

Susan Thompkins is somebody’s Aunt Susan, and everyone has a version of someone like Aunt Susan. Aunt Susan is a genuinely happy and loving woman, who also buys gifts for her nephews and nieces whenever she shops for herself and her kids. Aunt Susan loves shopping at JCPenney. She’s been shopping there since she was a child, going with her parents and grandparents, helping them spot bargains. There were always so many great deals to be found. It was a fun game, running around, looking for the highest number next to the percent symbol, proud of spotting the secret stash.

In recent years, Aunt Susan would drag along her brother’s kids, showing them ugly sweaters and mismatched outfits that they just “couldn’t pass up because they’re such great deals!” While the kids didn’t love it, she did. Getting the great bargains at JCPenney was still a big thrill for Aunt Susan.

Then, one day, Ron Johnson, JCPenney’s new CEO, got rid of all of the deals. He instituted what he called “fair and square” pricing across the board. No more sales, bargains, coupons, or discounts.

Suddenly Susan was sad. Then she was angry. Then she stopped going to JCPenney entirely. She even formed an online group with her friends called “I hate Ron Johnson.” She wasn’t alone. Many customers left JCPenney. It was a bad time for the company. It was a bad time for Susan. It was a bad time for Ron Johnson. It was a bad time for the ugly sweaters, too: They couldn’t buy themselves. The only ones having a good time? Susan’s nephews.

A year later, Aunt Susan heard discounts had returned to JCPenney. Cautiously, with her guard up, she returned. She hunted through a rack of pantsuits, examined some scarves, and checked out a paperweight display. And she looked at the prices. “20% off.” “Marked down.” “For sale.” She bought just a couple of things that first day, but since then, she’s returned to her old JCPenney self. She’s happy again. And that means more shopping trips, ugly sweaters, and awkward thank-yous from her loved ones. Hooray.

A JCPenney for Your Thoughts

In 2012, Ron Johnson, the new CEO of JCPenney, did scrap Penney’s traditional, and yes, slightly deceptive practice of marking products up and then marking them back down. In the decades before Johnson’s arrival, JCPenney always offered customers like Aunt Susan coupons, deals, and in-store discounts. These reduced Penney’s “regular prices,” which were artificially inflated, to appear to be “bargain deals,” but in fact after the discounts their prices were in line with prices everywhere else. In order to get to the final, retail price of an item, customers and the store would perform this Kabuki theater of raising prices at first and then lowering them in all kinds of creative ways, with different signs and percentages and sales and discounts. And they played this game over and over again.

Then Ron Johnson made the store’s prices “fair and square.” No more coupon cutting, bargain hunting, and sale gimmicks. Just the real price, roughly equal to those of its rivals and roughly equal to their previous “final” prices—after raising and discounting them. Johnson believed his new practice was clearer, more respectful, and less manipulative for his customers (and he was right, of course).

Except that loyal customers like Aunt Susan hated it. They detested “fair and square.” They abandoned the chain, grumbling about feeling cheated, being misled and betrayed by the real and true cost, and not liking the honest, fair-and-square pricing. Within a year, JCPenney lost an amazing $985 million and Johnson was out of a job.

Almost immediately after his firing, the list price of most items at JCPenney rose by 60 percent or more. One side table that cost $150 rose to an “every day price” of $245. Not only were the regular prices higher, but there were more discount options: Instead of just a single dollar amount, the store offered “sale,” “original,” and “appraised at” prices. Of course, when we factor in the discounts available—by sale, or coupon, or special deal—the prices pretty much stayed the same. They just didn’t look that way. Now it looked like JCPenney was once again offering really great deals.

Ron Johnson’s JCPenney offered products at more honest prices and was rejected in favor of sales gimmicks. Aunt Susan still hates him. Think about that: JCPenney’s customers voted with their wallets and they elected to be manipulated. They wanted deals, bargains, and sales, even if it meant bringing back inflated regular prices—which is exactly what JCPenney eventually did.

JCPenney—and Ron Johnson—paid a high price for failing to understand the psychology of pricing . But the company ultimately learned that it could build a business based upon our inability to assess value rationally. Or, as H. L. Mencken once said, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

What’s Going On Here?

The story of Aunt Susan and JCPenney shows some of the many effects of , one of the most powerful forces that make us assess value in ways that have little to do with actual value. At JCPenney, Aunt Susan assessed value based upon relative value, but relative to what? Relative to the original posted price. JCPenney helped her make the comparison by posting the discount as a percentage and adding notes like “sale” and “special” to help focus her attention on the amazing relative price they offered.

Which would you buy? A dress shirt priced at $60 or the very same dress shirt, priced at $100, but “On Sale! 40% off! Only $60!”?

It shouldn’t matter, right? A $60 shirt is a $60 shirt, no matter what language and graphics are on the price tag. Yes, but since relativity works on us at a very deep way, we don’t see these two in the same way, and if we were a regular like Aunt Susan, we would buy the on-sale shirt every time—and be outraged by the mere presence of the straight-up $60 one.

Is this behavior logical? No. Does it make sense once you understand relativity? Yes. Does it happen frequently? Yes. Did it cost an executive his job? Absolutely.

We often cannot measure the value of goods and services on their own. In a vacuum, how could we figure the cost of a house or a sandwich, medical care or an Albanian three-toed blork? The difficulty of figuring out how to value things correctly makes us seek alternative ways to measure value. That’s where relativity comes in.

When it is hard to measure directly the value of something, we compare it to other things, like a competing product or other versions of the same product. When we compare items, we create relative values. That doesn’t seem too problematic, right?

The problem isn’t with the concept of relativity itself, but with the way we apply it. If we compared everything to all other things, we would consider our opportunity costs and all would be well. But we don’t. We compare the item to only one other (sometimes two) . This is when relativity can fool us.

Sixty dollars is relatively cheap compared to $100, but remember opportunity costs? We should be comparing $60 to $0, or to all of the other things we could buy with $60. But we don’t. Not when, like Aunt Susan, we use relative value to compare the current price of an item to the amount it used to cost before the sale (or was said to cost) as a way to determine its value. This is how relativity confounds us.

JCPenney’s sale prices offered an important value cue to customers. Not just an important cue, but often the only cue. The sale price—and the savings JCPenney touted—provided customers context for how good a deal each purchase was.

JCPenney’s sale signs provided customers with context, and without context, how could we determine the value of a shirt? How could we know whether it’s worth $60 or not? We can’t. But compared to a $100 shirt, a $60 one sure seems like a great value, doesn’t it? Why, it’s almost like getting $40 for free! Let’s all buy one so our nephews can be mocked at school!

By eliminating the sales and “savings,” JCPenney removed an element that helped their customers feel that their decisions were the right ones. Just looking at a sale price next to a “regular” price gave them some indication that they were making a smart decision. But they weren’t.

Ron Johnson’s JCPenney offered products at more honest prices and was rejected in favor of sales gimmicks.

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